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Flash content / smartphones and tablets

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WARNING : from Kitkat (4.) don't upgrade to Lollipop Android (5.) ! I've installed it and my "flash"  browsers on my smartphone don't work as well as they did before...don't try now to go back to Kitkat : too dangerous.

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From Paris, my very first post,

My device : a Galaxy Note 3. A bit expensive but I've bought it instead of buying a new desktop computer...

On my smartphone with Android, it's not possible to access flash content ... and sometimes listening to an audio file or watching some videos on certain websites can't be done either...

After several trials, "Dolphin browser" seems to be the best browser that solves this problem fairly well, especially for flash videos [flv] ... (you'll have to download the Flash plug-in, I think, but it will then be automatically offered to you)

Thus, for example, with Dolphin Browser, from the smartphone, I can go to these sites and enjoy them (copy and paste the address into the address bar of the new browser)  :

▪ http://english.cntv.cn/
 Videos are finally visible. (note : scripts can be downloaded there)

▪ http://english.cri.cn/
 Go to lessons xx  (top right corner). After a few clicks, it's going to work.

Jump to your play store
install Dolphin browser !

However, when there isn't any flash content to display, I often use Google Chrome browser because I can't draw Chinese characters on a sketchpad in Dolphin browser. And Dolphin browser can't display many other elements properly. Nothing is perfect...


Chinese resources :
You will have to dig through the archives !


bymyself learning said...

To play flash games [ swf objects ] and get a better result with Android OS, you should install UCbrowser and download then the flash plug-in. (setting: temporarily authorize unknown sources)
Visit this same web page again, click the game and there will be a message concerning the flash plug-in.

bymyself learning said...

I've installed UCbrowser and the flash plug-in. This time, the flash game on this page acts at normal speed, not too slow ...Has any of you folks tested these "flash" web browsers ?

bymyself learning said...

● Android (versions named kitkat, lollipop, ...) is an Operating System for smartphones and tablets. (like Windows is an Operating System for Personal Computers)
● UCbrowser better than Dolphin browser in Android Lollipop somewhat...
● And Puffin browser ? There is a free version. ( play store and app store )

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